Mission Marshall Food Pantry

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Mission Marshall Food Pantry

The Mission Marshall Food Pantry exists to offer once-monthly supplemental or emergency food to Harrison County residents. Statistics show that every fifth person in Harrison County must ration food each day in order to have something to eat. Food-insecurity is another word for Hunger.
When you visit us for assistance, please bring a photo id and a piece of mail showing your name at a Harrison County address.


The Pantry is located inside the Mission Marshall building at 2109 S. Washington St. Marshall, Texas.  Reach us online via email at foodpantry@missionmarshall.org or call 903-472-4944.  To make a tax-deductible donation, mail a check to PO Box 1601, Marshall, TX 75671.

Hours For Food Service & for Donations*

  • Monday 5PM to 7PM
  • Tuesday 10AM to 1:30PM
  • Wednesday 10AM to 1:30PM
  • Thursday 10AM to 1:30PM
  • 1st Saturday of each Month 9AM to Noon


* Donations Accepted

Food donations left outside our building after hours will be discarded because we cannot guarantee the food safety of items left outside our building. Please call 903-472-4944 to make an appointment if you are unable to donate during the hours listed